Release 1-Propolis-Covid 19 / 08.24.2020
Melidava, Romania

    In the last weeks, together with one colleague medical doctor, we monitored by laboratory tests our patients positive for Covid 19, to whom we recommended a protocol with a propolis extract.
    All turned to negative in few days, according to the laboratory tests.

The products used
- Propolis mielat (propolis tincture 30% concentration in propolis, with honey 10%; extract in ethanol 65°), produced by Melidava
- or propolis tincture 30% concentration in propolis, extract in ethanol 60-70°

The applied protocol
- 3 x 3 ml/day, in the first 3 days
- 2 x 2 ml/day, further on up to 14 days
- for the people over 90 Kg weight, we recommend to increase the dose to 3 x 4 ml/day, in the first 3 days, respective to 2 x 3 ml/day further on

The administration
- morning + launch + evening, in the first 3 days
- morning + evening, further on

- in case of propolis tincture, mix it with honey, to increase the effect

The patients:
- 1. Four were hospitalized for Covid 19, treated with the medicines in use (Azitromicine or Kaletra) but they were still positive after 3 tests made before they were discharged from hospital. They started to take propolis product after discharging.   
- 2. One patient had symptoms at home, lack of taste and smell, affected general condition. The debut was Friday, so the test was postponed on Monday, but the administration of propolis started immediately.
- 3. Two were healthy positives, isolated and naturally treated at home. They syarted to take the propolis product after the positive test.

    Conventional medicines were taken only by the hospitalized ones, exclusively during the hospitalization.
- 4. In addition, over 200 people took as prophylaxis, from the beginning of the Covid pandemics, propolis mielat 3 ml/day, on morning. To them we recommended, in case of contact with persons positive for Covid 19, to apply the above mentioned protocol.


- 1. at the test in the fourth day after starting the intake of propolis, they turned all negative.
- 2. Until Monday, the symptoms disappeared, and the test was negative.    
- 3. They made control tests, one at 9 days, the other at 14 days after the positive test. Both turned to negative.
- 4. None of those who took preventively, didn’t communicated to be positive, even if some knew they were in contact with positive persons.

    Again the Omniscient Nature offers a simple and fast solution in a severe situation.
    We still have under observation positive persons who take propolis and will be tested.
    We will continue communicating the clinical and laboratory results.

    We may help more the people and would be grateful, if you will send us the information you have about other fellows who benefited from propolis versus Covid 19.


    The above doses are available for the extract of 30% propolis concentration.

    A product labelled as propolis tincture, if having a pale colour and/or ethanol dominant smell, it is a week extract, low inefficiently !

    The propolis tincture, when correctly prepared by usual European or North American raw propolis, has dark brown colour. The smell of alcohol disappears, replaced by the aromatic specifically smell of the bioactive compounds of the propolis.

            Dr. Cristina Aoșan
               Melidava association, president